French VAT Submissions

Sterlinx offers specialist VAT submissions services to all eCommerce sellers that sell within France. We track your sales income and expenditures and make sure that you stay compliant with all French VAT regulations by registering and submitting your records to the authorities for you.

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VAT Thresholds for France

VAT Threshold
% - 2.1%
VAT Rate

Disclaimer: Rates correct at time of print, does not include all reduced rated goods and services. Contact us to find out what VAT rates are for your goods or service.

Is your eCommerce store selling to multiple countries across Europe?

By tracking your sales data across multiple countries through your sales channels we can help plan which countries will require VAT registration and calculate how much tax will need to be paid for each country, keeping you compliant.

Save time, money and energy

With language barriers, vague fees and different time zones, we take the pain out of finding local accountants in each country by having a single point of contact and clear transparent pricing plans. So you can focus more on growing your business.

Expanding to new countries? We grow with you

We have a global team of qualified accountants that have expert knowledge of tax and accounting laws across many European countries, so we will always support you during your expansion to new countries.

What if I need help and advice?

A dedicated account manager is assigned to you that will not only prepare reports, track filing deadlines but also give you technical and practical advice regarding your VAT submissions requirements.

Need to get started fast?

We understand that sometimes situations demand a swift response, we are here on hand to provide that response. Get in touch with us today and see what we can offer.

Platforms we work with

With our dedicated in house IT development team we are able to work with a large range of eCommerce platforms, so no matter what sales channel you use we will be able to work with you.

….. and many more.

How does Sterlinx VAT submissions work?

Sterlinx VAT Submissions service is designed to work seamlessly with your business, scaling and growing with your eCommerce business.

We track your sales data across your sales channels

We integrate with your sales channel (eg Amazon, WooCommerce etc.) and track your sales data across all the countries you sell to.

We register your company for VAT in the required country

Once approved, we go ahead and register your company to the obligated country for VAT registration.

We analyse and notify you of any impending VAT obligations

Each European country has different criteria and thresholds when it comes to VAT, we monitor your sales volume and notify you when you are approaching any country’s VAT threshold. 

We remind you of deadlines and submit all VAT fillings for each country

We will remind you in advance what filings are due well in advance and prepare all necessary calculations and documents. Once we’ve received your approval, we submit all VAT fillings to the relevant authority.

How much does Sterlinx VAT Submissions cost?

Get 2 MONTHS FREE when you sign up for our annually paid Full VAT Submissions or Pan European services

We offer three services for clients requiring VAT submissions: 

VAT Registration Only
from £280 + VAT each country

Any single VAT registration for the following countries:

  • UK
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Poland
  • Czech Republic
  • Spain
Full VAT Submissions
from £97 + VAT p/m each country

Yearly: £113.16 + VAT p/m (SAVE £194!) (Billed Annually)

Monthly: £97 + VAT p/m each country

  • 4 sales channels
  • Unlimited turnover amount
  • Unlimited transactions
  • Recording of all expenses
  • Processing import duty and excise
  • Monthly/quarterly/yearly filing
  • Timely notifications
  • VAT Registration included
  • VAT reports
  • Intrastat reporting
  • VAT preparations and filing
eCommerce PAN EU VAT Submissions
from £6,490 + VAT p/m

Suitable for businesses selling through eCommerce stores Pan EU service or are selling across Europe as a whole. This service also includes our VAT registration service for all respected countries. Depending on your circumstance, you may need to apply for either 6 or 7 countries.

VAT Submissions for 6 Countries:
Yearly: £6,490+ VAT (Billed Annually)

VAT Submissions for 7 Countries:
Yearly: £7,590 +VAT (Billed Annually)

  • Covers VAT registration and submission for UK, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic and Spain
  • Unlimited sales channels
  • Unlimited turnover amount
  • Unlimited transactions
  • Recording of all expenses
  • Processing import duty and excise
  • Monthly/quarterly/yearly filing
  • Timely notifications
  • VAT Registration included
  • VAT reports
  • Intrastat reporting
  • VAT preparations and filing
Perfect for Amazon Sellers!
Add Ons
  • Additional sales channel – £20 p/m each
  • Fiscal representation (required for non-EU based companies) – £70 p/m each required country

Have questions?

Give us a call or email and our friendly Sterlinx support team will answer any questions you may have.

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Frequently asked questions

Your company does not need to be incorporated within Europe, however distance selling EU VAT rules mean that if you sell to a European country then you will need to register for VAT for that respected country when you cross their VAT threshold.

It can take up to 12 weeks to receive a VAT number. However this can vary depending on the country, for example in Italy VAT registration can take 5 weeks, in Germany 8 weeks and in France it can take 6 weeks.

In most European countries it is possible to backdate the VAT registration if you have already made taxable transactions.

Switching accountants is usually straightforward and easy. You will usually need to send your old accountants a written confirmation that Sterlinx Global will now be handling your accounts and for them to expect us to contact them to collect all your records.

After this point, you can sit back and relax as we will liaise with the old accountants and manage all transfer of records, data and tax computations. We also notify HMRC and other government bodies that we are now the acting agents looking after your business affairs.

Absolutely not! Unlike traditional accounting firms that charge expensive fees by the hour, all contact with our team of accountants and bookkeepers is included free of charge within your package plan.

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